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You can accept an out of time Colt, or you can get it corrected.
I have two unfired V-Spring Colts that are just fractionally off. They will remain unfired till the timing's corrected. Yes, it did happen, but that didn't make it right.
I've sent three Colts to Cunningham & discussed the timing situation with him.
I had a Python that was off on two chambers, my local Colt-trained guy was able to correct the problem.
The occasional exception only indicates inattention on the part of the builder or inspection process, it doesn't mean that it's acceptable or correct.

You buy a Rolls Royce that inadvertently left the factory with one sparkplug missing. The engine still runs, after a fashion, but do you leave it that way?

Up to you.
The guns WERE designed to function as I stated.
No sarcasm needed, I'm passing on what people far more knowledgeable than you or I have stated.
I made no personal attack on you, just passed on commentary gained from people who have worked on those guns for decades, and who have either been associated with Colt or trained by Colt.

What typically causes the timing to go on that specific V-Spring action is the hand shortening.
The hand, in that action, is designed to put pressure directly on the cylinder ratchet tooth at the moment of ignition to lock the cylinder tight against any movement. This is quite different from a Smith, or even later Colt DA models.

When the round fires, recoil shoves the cylinder backward and a good part of the recoil force bears on the small hand surface sitting against the ratchet.
Over time, the friction of repeated contact in merely advancing the cylinder will wear down the contact area of the hand to a degree, but the thing that shortens the hand the most (affecting timing) is repeated battering from recoil forces during live fire.
The more you shoot, the quicker the wear.
Ammunition type and frequency are the biggest determiners of how soon the timing is seriously affected.

The hand is the weakest point in that action & it was expected that it'd need to be serviced with high volume use.
Colt has none left for the Python, dunno if they have any for the DS.
I have three Dick Specials & quite like 'em, but I realize their limitations.

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