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thinktwice said:
But still I have never owned a high end custom 1911 like a Wilson, Ed Brown, or any of the others. So it's hard to understand how a Wilson could shoot and feel any better than some of the ones I own, but from what I understand it's a very very big difference. I really really want one. I have never had the money, and still don't but I have been contemplating selling a few of my other 1911's to purchase one. I would love to have one bad, but like I have told others I always regret letting any of my pistols go, even to up-grade. So maybe some others on here can convince me to sell a few, and get one custom made Wilson or something.
thinktwice... having had somewhere around 35 or so 1911's at one point, many customs, and a number of high dollar brands, my experience is that I'm just as happy with some of my lightly customized Colts. like this one

as I've been with any of the uber-dollar custom jobs.

Of course, they're all nice and each have their own unique characteristics which are cool. But its a very rare individual who can regularly shoot more than a few pistols to the point of achieving true bonding and mastery with the weapon. The more you have, the less most of them ever get shot. More isn't better, it's kind of gluttonous, actually. Now that I've scaled back to a dozen or so 1911's, I could still scale back some more, though I'm not exactly motivated to do so, and few see much use.

So... for those who might wish for a large collection of 1911's, or to own $2500+ 1911's, my experience has taught me that having a few good quality 1911's that you shoot often and know exceptionally well is BETTER than amassing dozens of them or spending thousands on an individual pistol. Sure, the $2500+ 1911's are nice guns, cool to "show off" and get some ooohs and ahhhhs, but they don't necessarily bring much more satisfaction than a nicely put together $1200 1911 that you shoot very often and are bonded with. Even with a home range where shooting was quick and convenient for me, most of my guns saw little use - because there were so many.

At this point I could scale back to just two or three 1911's (the above Colt Series 70 being one of them), along with my other modern pistols, and be perfectly content. Less IS more!

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