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Bart, yes, I've heard that before....very interesting. The R-25 was built as a hunter's gun not a tactical weapon (although it certainty qualifies except for the really small chamber). That said, it was built by DPMS so I can't say whether they had the means or desire to square bolt heads. Maybe luck is more important here, as my rifle does quite well (as a hunting rifle) shooting my reloads. Typically, 1/2" center to center, with an occasional flyer in some groups. But then I'm not loading for Palma either.

I've only shot two boxes of factory in four years....they came with the rifle. One was Remington Core-lok...I think 165 grain... and I got inch-ish groups. The other was Federal Blue box. That ammo shot one round and then wouldn't cycle....failing to go into battery without help. That's when I discovered the tight chamber. So, I decided to use a small base sizer and have had no problems, excepting one double tap caused by me and the learning curve on a new Pro-2000 press (failed to notic 2 rounds in the first 100 with high!). Nobody's perfect. The gun made a fine Christmas. The press came in January....and that's how I started the Obama years. (something had to lighten my mood)

Bottom line is the rifle does pretty good with progressive reloads....for my needs, and the Precision Mic certainly helped make it more safe and accurate...whether or not the head is square. Wouldn't use either for bench rest.....and make sure your primers are seated.

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