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Second - When loading, only push a given cartirdge 3/4ths into the loading gat, then use the nose of the "next" cartridge to push the earlier cartridge all the way "in" while that one is also pushed in only 3/4ths the way.

Etc, etc, etc - So you'll only have to push the last cartridge loaded all the way "in" with the fingers.
Actually, no, you don't. Just use another cartridge to push the last one all the way in. Then return that cartridge to the box, belt carrier, pocket, or whatever. That keeps our wee fingers from getting bitten. After many a painful pinch between the frame and loading gate in my youth, I finally figured out using another cartridge just works better for me.

and now, a pet peeve;
I know and get the joke, about it being "the assault rifle of its day" (although the Win 94 never saw any large scale military service, anywhere), lots of people don't understand the proper use of the term, and that went a long way to getting us where we are today.

I'm just a bit pendantic about this, because of the way we use English, and the impressions it creates. When we jokingly call something an assault rifle because somewhere, sometime, somebody assaulted someone with it, we simply play into the gun banner's hands. ALL firearms become "assault weapons", which are "bad things", and so must be restricted/banned...etc...
(rant off)

The Win 94 is built to give "minute of deer" accuracy. How well it groups on the bench is immaterial to the intended function and use of the rifle. Many will do much better than MOD, but that is serendipity.

The classic Adirondak standard is a paper plate. Hit first, & second shot somewhere close to the center of the plate (at any range you choose), that, at that range, you are good enough to humanely take deer. If you can do it at 75yds, but not 100, fine. Shoot at deer at 75, and don't shoot at them at 100. Generations of boys grew up learning and doing just that, and it still works just fine.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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