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I have hunted with many American hunters in my time, and cant for the life of me understan why you guys are being sold on the idia that to be able to hunt plains game in Africa you need this uber magnum cannon. Why wont a good American hunter that knows his 30-06, not be able to hunt plains game in Africa? But that is a topicfor another time. Get over here with the new 375 ruger and no buff will be able to stand infront of that combo.
Dan, the 30-06 is my go-to cartridge for the vast majority of my hunting. However, when I go back to Africa, it just seems like I need a "traditional" African cartridge, hence the 9.3x62. I look at the 9.3 as the "working man's safari rifle". It's kind of like using chop sticks to eat Asian food. It tastes better when you do. And the 9.3 will make the hunt more satisfying.

The 375, either in H&H or Ruger is merely a concession to legal requirements. The only reason I am not building a 375 H&H is that I used my ZKK602 action for a 338 RUM build.

Now, in RSA, is the '06 legal for plains game?
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