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I imagine you already made your trip but I will throw in my $0.02 anyway.

Do any of you guys carry a BUG for a significant other who, for whatever reason, doesn't carry?
Mine does so this is a non-starter for me. When my previous SO did not carry the answer was also no because she was not interested in guns at all. Since she did not want one there was no point in me having one for her. Being untrained in use it might have been dangerous.

My second is this: We are getting ready to make a trip from IN/KY to Alabama to visit my family. Again, trying to anticipate the worst, I plan on having 4 handguns with me: My primary and BUG (probably a S&W J frame .38 IWB plus 2 speed strips and a Kahr 9mm w/ a spare mag on my ankle or IWB as well, a SHTF pistol (in my case a CZ-75 w/ 3 mags fully loaded), and a small .32 in the glove box (probably the one from my collection that my fiance has decided will be her carry gun- Beretta Tomcat) with an extra mag. Any suggestions in terms of different placements, etc?
That is a lot of handguns for 1/2 people. One of them is in a marginal caliber with a short barrel too. Unless you are the "Mariachi" I can't see how you would possibly need and use all of them and get to them in time to use them. It must be difficult to walk with all that ammo strapped to your leg? I would carry either the Kahr or the J Frame and then follow up with a long gun of some sort (either a CFR or SG) in the trunk. I would take the reloads off the hard to reach places and put them some where easy to reach like the belt line.

In a worst case scenario a long gun in the trunk will serve you better than any three extra hand guns (and reloads) you can think of that you need to secure. An AR with one or two magazines will give you many more options and be much more useful. The SO could use it too if need be.
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