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I find it rather amusing, actually. Including some of the answers. Thanks to the internet, we all shoot tiny tiny one hole groups at 1,00yds, and nothing you already have in your gun closet is good enough to make a 1,000 yd shot.

The common question is "what do I need for 1,000 yd shooting?", or some variation. And sadly, the common answers are "you need XXX, XXX< & XX" nothing else is good enough, or some variant of that.

All you NEED for 1,000 yard shooting is some place to shoot 1,000 yards, and a rifle. That's it. That's all. Everything else is something to make it easier for you to hit, or more likely to be competitive.

120 years ago they were shooting 1,000 yard matches with iron sighted .45-70s. And making hits. In fact, the winning groups from that era are around 10 inches. I think 8inches was world record for some time. Think on that.

No scopes. No high BC bullets. LOW SPEED (compared to today). And they still got hits! Don't tell me (or the new folks asking the questions) that they NEED a $6k custom rifle set up to hit a long range target, they don't.

All they need is a rifle, the range, and practice. Lots of practice.

That being said, wining a 1,000yd shooting match is a different animal. THERE your high end, high dollar equipment can make the difference between you, and the other guy, providing, of course, that you have the skill to actaully make the fullest use of your hardware.

When the question comes off like "Hi, I just got my lerner's permit, and I need to know what to use to win Formula One races...?" well, in honesty, we tell them, "to win a Formula One race, you need a Formula One race car, and....."

But you don't put someone just learning to drive in a Formula One race, even though they can steer the car....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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