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Hey PatientWolf.
Thanks.....Do you have any Winchesters? Which ones are your favorites?
Another favorite that I have is the model 63 which in my opinion is the best 22 semi-autos ever made. I have five of them and love to shoot (plink) at targets.

Collecting for me has been fun, however, it has taken a long time to accomplish. I worked exclusivly in the defense industry (private company, not Government) until retirement. All along while collecting, I worked to raise a family, put kids through college and just live within our means. We took vacations in a tent or small travel trailer and kept most of our vehicles for at least 10 years and never bought new vehicles. We also tried to live modestly while others were buying new and living beyond their means. Because of our modest life style we were able to accomplish many things and now retirement is golden.

I guess my thoughts on all of this is that accomplish what makles you happy and do it within the parameters of your means.

Lets talk Winchester's.
To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts from the state.
Winchesters Forever (Levers and Pumps 73s, 90s, 92s, 06s, 61s and 63s)
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