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GWS, one thing about reloading for semiautos, besides not setting fired case headspace back more than .001", is the big accuracy issue with case heads.

Decades ago, some of the US military rifle teams tried reloading their once fired arsenal and commercial match brass to save money. They did save some money discounting the labor required. But accuracy with those reloads was not good.

Nobody's ever (to my knowledge)squared up the bolt faces on US military rifles to improve accuracy with handloads. Fired case heads are typically offset to about the same angle as the bolt face was they expanded back against when fired. When the high point of the case head aligns with the high point of the bolt face, the barreled action whips its muzzle axis off in some other direction than when that case was new and first fired. So the military teams quite resizing fired cases from their M1's and M14's.

I don't think any AR type of rifle maker (or 'smith rebarreling one) ever squares up their bolt faces. So, I don't expect accuracy from one with reloaded cases to be as good as with new cases.
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