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mr.t7024 and riche,

Thanks for the nice words about my collection. I spent about 20 years building it up and for the past 8 years it just sat in safes until I satisfied all of the honey-do's while building or retirement home....My gunroom came last!
Now I am stuck in California and the collection is back in the safes. I am in a countdown to getting back to Idaho and back into the collection full time.

I only have two 94's and both of them are imports back from Australia. They both are pre-1898 and I probably will move them in the future in order to buy more 92's (button mags of course). The takedowns that I have are 92's. One of them is a pristine 25-20 with a 1/2 oct/rd barrel with a 1/2 mag. It is my favorite and probably the most valuable out of the entire collection.

What I really love is my collection of 1890's and 1906's. I also have four project 1890's and 1906's. I have gathered many parts over the years and as most of us never have enough of anything.

What I also enjoy most about my collection and gun room is the (very) selective people that I show my collection to with the new cabinets and all. In all, with a year of having the collection on display, I have only allowed about a dozen and a half into the room and one teen ager. Not that I don't want to promote the Winchesters and the collection even with a super security system, I am just very close to the chest about who I want to have knowledge of the collection.

Once again, thanks for the thumbs up and "92's Forever".
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