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IPSC Rifle: CZ 58: no BS assessment

I enjoy IPSC.

I've been in competitions for a year now. No sharpshooter, but I am holding my own against more experienced competitors. I'd like to try my hand at the rifle category at some stage.

My choices here are limited. I can buy an AR from Schmeisser for $€$€$€$€, or a DPMS AR for $€$€$€, or I can look for a used Saiga AK for $€$€, or I can buy a brand new CZ 858 Tactical for merely $€!!

Rreally, the CZ is masses cheaper than the DPMS (cheapest AR platform), by about €1000!! About €2000 less than the Schmeisser.
That would mean enough saved for a sight, loads of ammo components and reloading supplies to make up the 7.62x39 cartridge.

However, I have reservations and this is where I need existing CZ owner input.

Firstly, ammo. I understand that there are now almost no guns still being made in that cartridge, so will ammo availability be a problem in the future?

Secondly, I understand that IPSC rifle comps involve some CQ stages where the CZ would fair well, being small, but also some LR stages where I may need to shoot at a target 300m or more away. Is the little CZ actually capable of that distance, let alone accurately? I've been given the impression that 250m would be about the best you could expect.

I would buy some sights, but I don't know yet which ones...

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