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I checked with my local clubs components guru yesterday afternoon - and he got back to me this morning ...he thinks the next shipment of shot will be selling at around $40 a bag at our club....but that still puts my 1oz reloads at around $ 4.50 a box ( $ 0.10 a shell for shot ).

According to him the cost of low end shells retail heading up to $ 6.50 - $ 7.00 even for Estate and Rio 12ga shells..../ premium shells like new Rem STS are up around $ 10 a box. The club tries to keep the cost of new promo shells down to encourage new shooters to come out ...but the prices are trending up ...and so is the cost of targets...with a round of Skeet or Trap ( for targets alone is now $5 for skeet and trap for members / $7 for non-members ....and $35 per 100 for sporting clays).

The big savings on shotshells is in 28ga and .410 ....but you can still save enough to make it worth your time with 12ga and 20ga target loads at least. I get at least 15 boxes an hour off the MEC 9000 HN hydaulic time isn't really a factor / and I'm semi-retired anyway...but the point is today's progressive presses are efficient and give you a really good high quality shell in my view.
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