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Want to really blow your mind?

Check out this article in the rabidly anti-gun UK Guardian glorifying real life violence backing Al Queda militia killing with a machine gun:

From the lengthy article:
He stands with five of his gunmen behind a wall. He is carrying a heavy machine gun, its bandolier of bullets wrapped around his chest. The plan is simple and bold: attack the government forces face to face. They will not be expecting that, he says. "All our fighting had been with snipers for the past two weeks."

As the battle rages and the volume of gunfire rises to deafening levels, Abu Ali stands in the middle of a window, exposed to the army, and fires his machine gun. His men are hiding behind walls trying to support him. Bullets fly all around him.

Afterwards, back in his parent's half-ruined house, the men's morale is sky-high. In his adrenaline rush Abu Ali jokes and laughs with them. He sits on the floor listening to old Syrian musicians singing love songs, and the men talk about the battle.

"I still can't believe that this was my mother's room, and now look at all of the men sitting there," Abu Ali says.

"Ah, how I jumped when a bit of exploded bullet hit my ass," he laughs. "I swear we killed at least four."

Or this one calling murderous looting "distractions of the spoils of war" and completely over looking the rape gangs.

Gun banners have absolutely no problem promoting guns and violence when it meets with their goals. In fact, in some cases I would say they find it somewhat necessary to disarm the population to meet with their goals depending upon whom the person proposing the ban is.

In the final analysis all RKBA people have a libertarian streak and all gun banners are a bit statist. This is not really a right left thing.
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