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I know this is off topic but can't resist, I use to shoot a lot of trap and being a guy that likes to be in the pack with top notch gear I bought a brand new browning xt trap gun and paid around 2500.00 for it then I bought briley extended choke tubes so I could look the part with the rest of the big boys, but in all honesty I shot that little 100.00 single shot H&R topper 12 gauge just as well, my best score was at a registered pita shoot and I broke 97 out of 100, I shot lots of 25 straights with that little single shot, I use to LOVE to get on the trap line and shoot against the 'big boys' with there 20,000.00 kriegohfs, lujtics, perrazis and such, if they didn't know who I was and hadn't shot with me before most would look at eachother and smurk when we stepped to the line, I would usually get asked a lot of questions after the round (exception of the few proud ones that walked away) I shot for fun and rarely competed, will also freely admit that my shooting went down hill when I did compete, the problem was mental, I would get caught up in the 'I GOTTA WIN ATTITUDE' when I did this the fun part went out the window along with my shooting! I say get a scope you can afford and enjoy yourself! If you end up really liking it save up and buy yourself a better scope down the road, I highly believe in good quality optics and try to go with the best I can afford, there is a HUGE difference in a leupold vs a simmons as an example, you can get a good quality scope for 200 to 250.00 that will last you a lifetime. Good luck with whatever you get and have fun with it!
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