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I saw another post about saying something to the effect of why get a .22 when you are going to end up with a long range rifle. I'd say get a .22 to learn the fundamentals, once you've gotten those down, move up to the bigger rifle. You can learn about bullet drop, wind, scope adjustments for pennies a shot instead of whatever higher powered ammo might cost
It is also a great way of learning to read the wind. A .22LR bullet is effected by the wind the same way as any other, but due to the crappy BCs of the bullets and low velocities it is much more evident at closer ranges.

A Federal 40gr Match bullet at 1080 FPS in a 10 MPH full value wind has about 5 MOA of wind at 100 yards, which is roughly the same as my LR 6.5-06 at 600 yards. At 200 yards it has about 9 min, which matches my LR rig at about 950 yards.

Lots more people have access to 100 and 200 yard ranges that may not have access to a 1000 yard range.
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