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I hope no one is even comparing the power between a 10mm and 454. That said, the ability of the shooter is just as much part of the equation as caliber. The beauty of a Glock 10mm is the ability to dump a lot of ammo in a short amount of time (accurately). Snub nose recovers suck for anything but close quarters shooting, especially with heavy kicking calibers. I am a handgun hunter and I won't carry a large caliber in less than a 6" barrel. I prefer the 44mag to hunt with over the 454casull for many reasons I won't get into now.
I choose the Glock 20 as my general woods gun. It's not perfect but its a good compromise between firepower and shootability. When I am moving large black bear(400-700lbs) from behind my house, I have my G20 on my hip and a 12guage pump in my hands. I have had a few black bear bluff charge me and snap their jaws. A handgun doesn't give me the comfort factor as a 12guage rifle does.
"I'm a good guy with a gun" What do I care if I give up some freedom or rights?....The Goverment will take care of me. This kind of thinking is now in the majority and it should concern you.

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what free entitlements you can bleed from your country"

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