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In the past week or so, I've been to an LGS, an Academy, and a gun show.

LGS -- Went here a couple of days before Christmas. About a case of .223 on the shelf, at $14.95/box of 20. A decent supply of 9mm, .40, .45. still on the shelves. LGS had 2x-3x as many customers as I have ever seen in there.

Academy -- Went there Saturday, 29 December 2012. No .223 at all. Still a fair amount of premium rifle ammo in 7mm, .243, .30-06, .308, etc.

Gun show -- Also went Saturday, twice. I first went out after an early lunch, arriving noon-ish. Plenty of 9mm & .40 around. Brass-cased 230 gr .45 acp, best price = $22.95/box of 50. When I returned that afternoon (admission was good for all day), it had gone up to $25.99/box of 50. Same brand, same vendor. You could see where new price stickers had been put over the old ones. A fair amount of rifle ammo around, as well as more odd-ball shotgun ammo than I've seen in a long time. 16 ga, 28 ga, things like that. I saw one lone case of 5.56 NATO for sale, at the low, low price of $794/case of 1000! That dealer said that he'd sold 10K rounds of .223 by 9 a.m. that day. By the time I really priced .223 in the afternoon, it was all running $20/box of 20. Stripped AR lowers going for $400-500 apiece. EBR prices looked very high (I say "looked" because I'm not really up to speed on various EBR prices), but other new gun prices looked, well slightly inflated.
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