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Yes, the S&W cylinder rotates as the hand pushes the ratchet tooth up and to the left, then it slides right past the tooth just as the cylinder locks up. A wider hand would push the tooth a little more to the left before sliding past, advancing the timing a bit. But it seems to me that a slightly longer hand would advance the timing a hair as well, as it would push the tooth a little higher before sliding past. Seems peening's a cheaper and quicker fix than buying another, thicker one. Again, though, I'm no gunsmith, nor have I ever tried messing with timing issues, let alone peening the hand, so I may be way off here.

Sevens - For the first coin-on-the-barrel vid, I used a bone stock Model 65. No ├╝ber action job on that one. Still, I have to admit it's got the finest factory trigger I've ever felt.
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