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I don't think you read my entire post. There is no reason to lose your temper. There is no reason to start a fight. There is plenty of reason to say hey what you did back there is very dangerous and I would appreciate if you were more careful especially around motorcycles as we are extremely vulnerable.

I further said that while I disagreed with the gentlemen in ALshooters post on his tactics. I agreed with his sentiment. While I'm glad you can quote books that you have read. I have lived it. You should never start a fight with anyone regardless of whether you are carrying or not. If it starts to go bad just walk away. It has much to do with knowing people and when you can call them on BS and when you just need to call the police or when you need to defend yourself with force. If you can not tell the difference then you should not be carrying a gun. If you can not control yourself and your temper I agree you should not be carrying a gun. If you can not resolve conflicts with out violence or walking away you should not be carrying a gun. Being polite goes a long ways. Ignoring someone doing something that is going to someday get someone killed is just absurd.
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