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Thanks for heads up - Typo fixed

In regard to a prior post:

I was a senior executive consultant to a governor for 5 years. As such, – I would encourage everyone to send a letter regardless of length – it will make a difference to a politician.

However, I will tell you that the politicians (and their staffs) pay more attention to letters than just counting nays and yeas… if your letter demonstrates that you are an informed voter … your opinion will carry more weight!

Your letter should be firm but respectful, make clear arguments, show that you know the facts... and cannot be swayed by media based sound bites.

If your represenative or senator is a Democrat, you may wish to point out that it is only the Democratic party that have violated our 2nd Amendment rights by passing gun ownership restrictions: Franklin Roosevelt in 1934, Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and Bill Clinton in 1994.

Finally adding, a statement indicating that any vote for a reduction in firearms owners’ rights, or increase in government oversight will result in you supporting (with time and money) the congressman’s opponent in the next election.
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