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Pure speculation on my part, but say the gubment puts ARs under NFA title 2, I could see the initial price being about three grand. People are paying 2000 and upwards now. With the outlawing of manufacture, import, etc. that induces an automatic shortage right off the bat. A current NFA firearm starts at about 4000 now at least the last I checked. I think that buys you a tech 9 or some such and they go up from there. Like I say that is the last I checked and I'm sure they are more than that now. Never much seen them come down in price even with the recession. The best I have ever seen from a buyer's standpoint is to remain the same pricewise for a length of time. People want what they can't get or anything that is in finite supply. The country's population stands at 315 million now and growing so demand will skyrocket until a price is reached which induces a tipping point. Initially I would say about 3000 minimum. What will cause even more consternation with the buying public will be the turnaround from the time you submit your application until you get your stamp. My first one took 4 months and that was several years ago. I could see that stretching from one to two years due that the number of transfer applications will increase exponentially because of the sheer numbers of guns and folks wanting them that will be created with any new law. After that it's anyone's guess. Depends a lot on the makeup of any new law and of course what the economy will look like in say five to ten years.
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