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I have a howa 1500 in 7mm-08 and really like the rifle, I hated the trigger tho! I put a timmney trigger in mine so the cost ended up being more than I had planned. a lot of folks would have been happy with the stock trigger that was in my gun, I have been spoiled with good triggers over the years making it the first improvement I do on a new rifle, some factory triggers adjust fine and make good triggers and some simply don't. I think the howa 1500 is a good gun for the money, I also would look at the weatherby vangaurd S2, its made by howa for weatherby and is gauranteed to shoot an inch or under at 100 yrds with premium ammo, also might consider a tikka t3 they shoot very well and last I checked were reasonably priced, you have some good options out there, good luck with whatever you decide
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