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Jason; "quiet professional"...

I disagree with part of Jason's remarks, "calling people on their BS" is the fastest way to lose your concealed carry license or gun permit.
When you have a concealed carry license, you've shown to the govt agency that issued it, that you are a mature, rational adult who has no criminal records & can safely carry a concealed firearm in public. If you can't control your temper or get into disputes with strangers quickly, I would not be carrying a loaded gun around.
The US special operations community has a term for it; it's called being a quiet professional.
Author, sworn LE officer & legal expert Massad Ayoob wrote about the same topic in his non fiction book; In the Gravest Extreme.
Ayoob points out that carrying a weapon is a big responsibility & you will be accountable for your statements & actions. The recent Zimmerman/Martin case is a good example. News reports say FBI agents have interviewed several of George Zimmerman's friends, co-workers, etc.

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