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Originally Posted by Austin22793
I'm not using a one piece rod, I'll be honest I've never seen one even in the store, and whats the big deal over that. I'm getting decent group sizes within one inch of each other
I've never seen a one piece rod in the stores either. They take up too much shelf space, which is valuable in a retail box store. Fortunately, the online stores are here to help, and one-piece rods abound. Here's the one that I have. When you buy one online, make sure that the thread pitch and whether it is male or female threads fit the cleaning jags/brushes in your area. I've found that the 8X32 thread is really common in my area.

Here's another example that should be sufficient to your purposes.

I'm still getting comfortable with it (30-06 which I heard is a semi big round for a first ever shooter).
I wouldn't start a brand-new shooter with a .30-06, but everyone who joined the Army from 1903-1950 started with the .30-06, so that's not a concern. However, you might decidee later to pick up a .22LR. I shoot that caliber quite a lot and the basics of marksmanship apply to that rifle just like to your -06.

Despite my hesitation with this gun I went out today and got my first ever deer
WOOT! Good on ya! That's what it's all about. Congratulations.
Dennis Dezendorf
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