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Are the rounds that misfeed the last 2 or is it just random? If it is the last several rounds you need a new spring. On the rounds that fail to eject, are they getting hooked by the extractor and being pulled out and being struck by the next round out of the mag?
It's just random, sometimes it's well down in the mag, sometimes not. The rounds that fail to eject are getting hooked and pulled but are not exiting before getting stuck between the tail of the next round and the far-side wall of the receiver (away from the exit port).

Put one round into the affected magazine, insert it into the gun. Pull back slowly on the slide and watch what happens in an attempt to see why the empty case is not being extracted and thrown clear by the ejector. Test, experiment, but cut no metal until you are very sure what is causing the problem. Nevertheless, it sounds like more of an ejection problem than a magazine problem.
Thanks, I do need to run rounds through manually to see if I can recreate the problem. Removing the bolt and disassembling/cleaning the extractor as much as possible is also a good idea, although I am still pretty sure that it's magazine-related as it only happens with the same two magazines.

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