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Originally Posted by MedicineBow View Post
Reason has never been in the closet, so your premise is faulty.
Thanks for coming out. If you desire "reasonable" restrictions to you natural right then you are not using your reason.

We did just fine with NO restrictions prior to 1934. What reasonable restriction since then has improved our freedom or increased our security? Did the 4473 deter the CT shooter? Reason says someone intent on murder does not care about other laws regarding firearms, theft, etc.

What do you hope will be achieved with "sensible" gun laws and what evidence do you have that crazy or evil people will follow them and thus not commit their violent intent?

Let us use our reason and dispense with laws that only restrict and punish the law abiding and that have no discernible effect on security. Let us further reason that liberty is inherently risky, and if we eliminate danger with a burden of laws (if that is even possible in the extreme) then we have strangled liberty. Is it reasonable to surrender liberty for false sense of security?
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