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Phil, not many of the flavour of the month calibers from th US gets noticed over here. There is many reasons for this of wich the gunlaws are the main reason.

New calibers that did make an impact here are the 300wsm for all round plains game, the 204 Ruger for pest control such as jackal and then the 375 Ruger for dg.

This might not seem like much, but do take into consideration that the locals still prefer the 300H&H before the wm.

The 375 H&H has a "holy" status amongst the local hunters. I have a 300H&H myself and allways thougt I would own a 375H&H. That is untill I shot with 375 Ruger.

I have hunted with many American hunters in my time, and cant for the life of me understan why you guys are being sold on the idia that to be able to hunt plains game in Africa you need this uber magnum cannon. Why wont a good American hunter that knows his 30-06, not be able to hunt plains game in Africa? But that is a topicfor another time. Get over here with the new 375 ruger and no buff will be able to stand infront of that combo.
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