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drail... Sir

As it happens I have spent quite a bit of time on police ranges. As well a lot of time on civilian ranges. IN MY EXPERIENCE... the safety violations on either were very rare, and continue to be rare. I'm sure that there are some departments out there with some inherent issues... Just as there must be civilian ranges with similar issues.

The Police absoloutly recieve more, and better training than the average shooter. First most shooters dont recieve any training other than perhaps an initial CCW class. Police departments require a minimum of yearly qualification. Much police training is done outside the range during in service training cycles. The police must meet minimum standards, civilians dont.

I'm not at all suggesting that the police are better trained than all shooters... just better trained than the average gun owner. Police training is, and should be different than non police training. Police tend to use raw data of real world incidents to form their training regimin. Civilian organizations tend to use second or third hand information, and imagined incidents for their regimin. There is a well known and well respected (Including my own great respect) , very professional trainer that sometimes comes into these chats. I read an artical he'd written about a rare protracted police vs armed robber shooting. He treated the incident with respect, and honest criticisim. As I said I respect this guy, but he got it all wrong. Not that he did anything wrong... He was responding to incomplete information. I know because I was there.

I'm not saying that civilian trainers are any less qualified, or less professional than police trainers.. in fact I believe that often the opposite is true. I'm not suggesting that civilian training or trainers are of less value than police trainers... thats just not my experience. If there was a way to get every S/D, H/D gun owner to get into an ongoing training program I'd be a very happy camper. I try to get in as much training as I can. A personal friend, and local trainer is a "REAL DEAL" guy... we do civilian training all the time.
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