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From my experience even the cheapest powder throw will work well with flake or ball. My Hornady and Lee both throw W231 and TAC to .1 grain

Stick is a different story,neither the Lee or the Hornady gave me consistent throws. I used hand dippers and was lucky to get plus or minus 3 tenths so I made my dippers on the low side and trickled to weight before getting a RCBS Chargemaster. I calibrate it before use then check it against a balance beam every ten or so loads so far after using it for about a month and maybe 300 loads it has always been dead on. I might just be nit picky but I like my charges exact for my rifle, it's easy to do even using dippers and trickler so why not. I also check concentricity and clean primer pockets but when I go to the line I know the issue is my technique not my equipment when I have a bad group so I concentrate can on that.
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