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Thanks for letting us know. I am not sure what "I'll of C&R" means, though. The I'll confuses me. I assume there is a typographical error and you mean Curio and Relic rifles.

The Challenger press seems to me to be just about perfect for your needs. The Classic Cast Single Stage press is better, but a little more expensive, but for light use, the aluminum Challenger will do just fine. The Classic Cast is iron and wears a little better and handles spend primers more neatly.

I am a fan of the Classic Turret press myself, mentioned by Testuser. I recommend you check out Kempf's Gun Shop for their kit. But it is a bit of overkill for C&R rifles, but if you expand your reloading repertoire to include calibers you shoot more often and in greater quantities, the turret would be a good investment in your future.

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