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Lipsey's new FDE Glock line; Glock 26/27 sub-compact.....

A sub-compact Glock in .40S&W should meet your needs. I'd get night sights added to it. There are a few Earth brown(FDE) color Glock gen4 pistols for sale from a firm called Lipsey's. There may be a few Glock 27s left, but I'd buy it soon.
Guns(semi-autos with large cap magazines) are selling out all over the US.
As posted, the compact M&P Shield may meet your needs. It's a good value.
You may want to consider the slim type Glock 36 .45acp with night sights(3 dot). It's small but uses the potent .45acp.

As for .40S&W carry rounds, I'd look at the new Critical Duty 175gr load, the Speer Gold Dot 165gr JHP, the PowRball or DPX from Corbon, or the Federal Guard Dog ammunition. The new Hornady Critical Duty works well & passes all the FBI protocol tests. They market a .45acp load now also.

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