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This will appear archaic and unusual, but have have you handled a Spanish FR8? They are handy, many have very bright bores and sell for about $425.
The large ring 8mm action makes it safe for both Nato 7.62 and modern .308.

Most of the misunderstandings are people believing anything they hear, as they are confused about the small-ring Spanish 7mm actions, used in the Spanish "Nato" rifles and the FR7 was modified from these. The reduced load in Spanish "Nato" rounds were designed for these weaker, small-ring 7mm actions. This also made people jump to conclusions.

One benefit of the much stronger FR8 is that three of the rear sight settings are aperture adjustments. These are still seen on Gunbroker.
Notice similarities between the new Ruger Gunsight, older FR8s and Enfield "Jungles". Just a coincidence?

With a matching bolt and nice field gauge results, our very experienced gun smith also considers the FR8 quite safe for .308.

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