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Lawrence Hunter's OP/ED on Forbes a couple days ago is the strongest defense of the Second Amendment I think I've ever heard. Unfortunately, very few understand the Founding Father's original intent of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment was designed to ensure that individuals retained the right and means to defend themselves against any illegitimate attempt to do them harm, be it an attempt by a private outlaw or government agents violating their trust under the color of law. The Second Amendment was meant to guarantee individuals the right to protect themselves against government as much as against private bad guys and gangs. That is why the gun grabbers’ assault on firearms is not only, not even primarily an attack merely on the means of self-defense but more fundamentally, the gun grabbers are engaged in a blatant attack on the very legitimacy of self-defense itself. It’s not really about the guns; it is about the government’s ability to demand submission of the people.
I strongly encourage everyone to read the full article on here.
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