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Bolt-Action .308 under $500?

I've done the research, and decided on a bolt .308 for a hunting rifle. I've looked at a variety of options on the low-cost end, up to and including the scout rifles. I'd like open sights, but that seems to not be much of an option. I can get a local gunsmith to add them for about $150 all-told. I'm currently in Alaska, but I'm military, so I'll be relocating to the lower 48 in a couple of years. I'm looking at hunting up to moose size (if I decide to go on a brown bear hunt, I'll up-size the weaponry!). Bear encounters will be handled by bear spray/side arm, so that's not a factor. Any suggestions on a rifle? I'm leaning towards the Ruger American. And before the magnum crowd comes out, I can easily shoot 4" groups (= shot in the vitals) from field positions at 200 yds (about as far as I would look at taking a shot) with a .308. I don't know I want to move to shooting a cannon when I can place the shots I need to with a .308.
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