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I'm not as considered about the cold (though if does get cold in my car in my area). It's around 15 degrees F right now. The HIGHEST it will reach for the next few months will be 40 degrees F, and that will be the high. The lows can be -10 or so. AVERAGE overall temp for day including highs and lows is probably 25 to 30 degrees. But besides that, I'm more concerned about leaving it in the cold for days/ weeks/ months on end and brining it inside to the warm house then back out to the cold car. I keep hearing of "oh condestation will build up and cause problems with the Glock". Everyone I've personally asked says its BS they have brought their Glocks from 12 hours of 5 degree weather into a 75 degree room for hours and back into cold again with no problem. So I don't know if they are just lucky - or if the whole "condenstation building up on gun when going from extremely cold to hot and back and forth on Glocks is a over hyped myth". Don't know what to believe. And If its true how do you fix something like that?? Blow dry the Glock every time you come inside into warm area? That doesn't seem right...
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