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Ha ha, you'd think I'd know my OWN GUN well enough to know that a 3rd Gen has that also. True story--I own only one 3rd Gen. (always have wanted more...will work on that, always have planned to do exactly that...)

Mine is a 1006. Back in '92 I had a buddy who wanted his first handgun, wanted my opinion. "Get a .357 Mag revolver, for sure" I said.

"I want something powerful!" he said.
".357!" I said.
"yeahbut, I want a pistol, not a old style revolver..."
"get a .45!" I said.
"I want something really powerful!"
Made sense to me... my dream gun, I couldn't possibly afford to buy or feed one. Why not steer HIM toward one?!

It worked. He bought a brand new 1006. Got married shortly thereafter. Didn't take long after the baby before his wife "didn't feel comfortable with THAT in the house" and he offered it to me for a cool four hundred. That was in like '95, IIRC, still big bucks for me at the time, but a no-brainer. Of course I bought it.

Here's the relevant part. It wears the big rubber Hogue grip, and he bought the grip in the first week he had it and I was the one who installed that grip. I was also the guy that cleaned that gun and made the ammo for it, too, since the day he bought it. So I had seen under that big rubber Hogue grip only in that week before I put it on and it's never been off the pistol since that day, like 22 years ago.

So yeah, I know my gun pretty well, but haven't seen under the grip since I was a kid.
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