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But to shortwave, I am wondering what you mean when you say the way people talk today, was not the way at the time of the revolution.
Blue Train,

With due respect, I admire you for your fondness of the fine arts and having CD's of Slovenian music. I'm a music lover myself.
To each their own but, have you listened to the language in some of the rap music that's legal to sell in this country?
Having lived a somewhat versatile life, there's not much I haven't heard. But it's amazing how the words 'your momma' can be used in so many gutter sayings/verse's surrounded by the filthiest language you can ever imagine.

I promise you our Founding Fathers did not talk that way and would most likely had put an addendum in the 1st amendment had they had been able to see in the future.

This was what I was referring to , not about being argumentative as I'm sure the Constitution's authors did plenty of debating/arguing to come up with such a great piece of work.

Again, my point was that if we looked at the Amendments in our Constitution that was written so long ago, I'm sure today, we could make up a reason to change every Amendment from the 1st on down, to some degree.

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