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Saiga 12's like stick mags better.

Saiga's also like high brass shells for better cycling and they sometimes need gas port mods performed.

Spend some time on to answer all your questions.

Mine needed a lot of time spent on the gas ports and different gas plug configurations until it was comfortable shooting low brass rounds just as well as high brass.
Don't believe all the youtube videos for the magic gas pucks that work miracles on Saiga's......they sometimes need more work than bargained for.....this can be expensive too.
If I had it to do over again I would have bought one already converted from a reputable shop.

You might want to send it to a reputable shop that is familiar with saiga conversions and get the trigger conversion with pistol grip and gas mods done right.
They are pretty hit and miss in performance right out of the box and like I said...they like stick mags.

You can't run 3" shells in the drum mags Like you can sticks.

Here's my money pit.

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