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My wife's 280AI was completed prior to Nosler brass but her chamber was cut for it so had to fireform some brass using COW method. Since I load at range after I got few cases formed I started load development using 150gr TSX and data was from Nosler manual. I had lot of new Rem brass left over from my 7mm Express days and only different between the Rem and Nosler brass in that rifle was cost.

I've had pretty good luck with Nosler data for the 280AI vs Hodgdon. If I don't have data what I do is start with data say for the 280 and I use start load and work up from there and I chronograph each load. Reason I like Nosler data they use 26" long barrel for the 280AI my wife's barrel is 25.5" and mine is 27" long. If you got 24" might start with Hodgdon data.

One of these day I'm going to firefrom some of the Win 280 nickel brass got me about 100rd of that stuff.

You had bad experience with Nosler brass just fireform some get what you want. I've got 5 ackley's besides the 280AI's so was nice to have break with the Nosler brass got 6 boxes of it when it came out.

Well good luck
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