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Sorry guys, but I establish weight/volume for the loading session, and then load all by Volume. (Harrells Culver and Schutzen measures)

Today was pistol/rifle 357 in a`92 Winchester using and 160gr MBW LeadFNGC over V-N110/15.0gr by volume ([email protected]). It varies at most ±0.1 and averages ±0.05 (a half a tenth_

As far as velocity variance, today's was 1,777fps ± 3 (Oehler35)


As others have noted, absolutely consistent throwing technique is the key, be it ball or extruded.
In my case: handle UP sharp; DOWN sharp; sharp single TAP of that handle.

I load an entire 50-rnd block at once;
Visually examine all powder levels at once;
Seat all bullets at once.

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