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Let's put this in perspective. I've mentioned this previously, but I don't recall if it was in this specific thread. Immediately after the Sandy Hook shooting, NYC Mayor Bloomberg started in with his predictable rhetoric about how guns are the problem, and how unsafe schools are and how schools will remain unsafe until no civilians can own firearms. Yada yada ...

But within a span of about two weeks, right in his own NYC, two people were murdered by being shoved off platforms into the path of an oncoming subway. What was Hizzoner's response to those heinous crimes?

"I don't know that there is a way to prevent," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "There's always going to be somebody, a deranged person. You can say it's only two out of the 3 or 4 million people that ride the subway every day, but two is two too many."
In other words, when a crazy person uses a train to commit murder, it's the crazy person's fault. When a crazy person uses a gun to commit murder, it's the gun's fault. Talk about dissonance ...
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