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NRA WORTHLESS ?? The club I belong to has received grants from the NRA that total around $ 12,000.00 - These grants were used for range & safety improvement, & shooting equipment for a youth group of air-rifle shooters we sponsor for kids 12 to 18 years of age. If you don't know anything about the NRA, -- get involved. Don't just bad-mouth them as 'useless' because you may be too cheap to send them a few bucks.

It's good to see so many guys here getting on-board with some donations. Yes, there's gonna be a fight, and yes, they're gonna need our help....not only the NRA, but all of the pro-gun organizations could use our support.

Have I donated to the NRA, yes, but I have gotten back from them much more than I ever donated. The grants made to our club will serve new shooters long after I'm gone, and I want my grandchildren & great grandchildren & YOURS to have the opportunity to enjoy the shooting sports as we have all of our lives.
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