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Good news for you!

When you go to a scope, the bifocal problem becomes history. You won't need the magnifier to clearly see the crosshairs.

For close to medium range shooting, up to 300 yds at reasonable size targets I would recommend a 3 x 9 x 40 scope. The brand name would be dependent on your budget for this purchase. The scope on my .270 is a Nikon prostaff which runs less than $200. The scope on my 30-06 is a Minox which is in the 200-300 range. The scope on my .243 is a Pentax that ran about 125. All 3 are very clear and have been successful taking deer, coyotes, and punching paper out to 250 yds.

Sit back and get ready for lots of recommendations. Enjoy your entry into the shooting sports
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