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Well said,Peetza man!

Actually,prior to the GCA 68,we had the Service Armament catalogue,and for more vintage stuff,Bannermans.

I,general public,had I been older at the time,could have bought a 20mm semi-auto Lahti,a 55 Boyes,a 60 mm mortar,stens,grease guns,even a tank or armored car.They may have even had 37 mm anti-tank rifles,etc in there.

We could buy them.I recall 20 mm ammo was $1.25 a round.

And,we had no problem.No crimes I ever heard of.

Shooting sports were mainstream,we had B+W TV with Bonanza,Red Skelton,I Love Lucy, Paladin,Combat!no video games...comic books,Jeb Stuart,Sgt Rock..

I do not advocate restricting the First Ammendment,but,maybe,just maybe,for some people who have issues,mind altering substances whether prescribed,(some common factors in the mass shootings are prescribed)or just to "escape reality" People can go over the edge and blur the lines between reality and a movie or video game...not all people,but some.
We have had several years of crap economy,high unemployment,high stress ,hopeless times that drive people over the edge.
What is the news?The financial cliff?Mayan calender?

Regardless of political party,one of the responsibilties of government (defined by the Constitution) is a budget.Simple,yes?

The chaos?People can deal with winter because they trust in spring.What can we trust in?A talking head?The words of any politician?
Our currency suggests God.

The root cause of incidents of violence is not the instrument of violence.

Changing a fanbelt will not fix a flat tire.

We have a corrupt and incompetent government looking for scapegoat issues.

How would our founding fathers deal with the fact we are producing "human beings" that can kill classmates,or little children,or teachers,or mother?

BTW,I have held a wonderful,beautiful woman in my arms who was beaten to death with a fireplace poker by her own tweaker son.
Weren't they always using fireplace pokers as murder instruments on Perry Mason?We need a law!!

Or is that an incredibly stupid idea?

Giving up individual liberty will not help.It is exactly the wrong thing to do.
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