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bad parts of town; true story....

As I posted, don't judge a area or community just because it's poor or low-end. Low wage earners are NOT criminals & want a safe, stable environment just like you.

In the late 2000s, I lived & worked at a extended stay hotel property in a mid size city. A group of "bail enforcement agents" came on the property to get a hotel room to set up a fugitive apprehension. The female bail agent kept making insults & condisending remarks about the area. I wanted the "Doggie possie" to leave ASAP & ask the general mgr not to give them a room.
The staff & I offered to help the bounty hunters get the bail-jumper. We waited for the young female to show up. When the female subject came into the hotel, I quietly alerted the bail agents. These morons bungled out of their room & the woman took off! I laughed my a** off at these inept jerks.
They brought the problems on property then screwed up.
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