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Tried evening hunting yet? Catch them on their way to the bedding sites...

also another caveat of a tiny plot and a bow hunt is that the shot deer may be several parcels away when it falls... Do you have permission to blood trail off the plot you shoot the deer on?

Brent, I have hunted morning, afternoon, and evenings alike. It's just murder to get them to be where I am. In the evening, I think they are waiting for SEVERE dark to get up and out. I have never once heard them run spooked when I am coming out - and I will stay in there pretty late; there have been a few times coming out where I realized I couldn't shoot on something because I would be unable to ID antler count.

As far as the land, it's got four sides. One side it backs up to is mine. One is a neighbor, who knows I hunt, and we're friendly with. A second neighbor has the third side, and he has a feeder up in his back yard, which, oddly, the deer seem to ignore. I keep trying to get over to see him - I have stopped in twice with six-pack in hand - but he never seems to be 'round. The deer seem to avoid heading in that direction, so I haven't gotten too crazy with it - I probably should. The last side backs up to a huge plot of land, and I cannot figure out who owns it. As far as the parcels bordering THOSE parcels... well, I haven't asked the whole county - I don't really want to clue in more people than I have to that I am hunting this land. I was sort of hoping for the best, and hoping that a knock on the door and a polite request would get me what I was after. If that's a bad plan, then I suppose I can abandon it, it just severely cuts down the amount of hunting I can do.

When you're walking in try taking two or three steps and then pausing for about the same amount of time. It will take longer but chances are they will still be there when you get in sight. If you act like they do they're less apt to run. They will have taken note of your approach tho and will be very wary. When you see them, stop and stand completely still until they go back to browsing. If you do spook them they will usually just run a few yards and then look back to see what spooked them.
I have attempted that. As soon as they hear me, they're gone. I'm not tromping all around, but from my front door to stand is maybe a hundred yards. I've stretched it out to a fifteen-minute sojourn before, and they've heard me and took off. I am presuming that is slow; please tell me if I am being too fast at that speed! I'm familiar with them spooking, and going back to what they are doing; these deer are not doing that. They are laying in thick cover, and the only thing I see is white tails - they're gone!

if you are bumping them that means you know where they are bedding. wait for a super windy day thats in your favor. they will lay their all day long. stalk up on them and sling the arrow.
Totally. Right now, it's too thick. It took me a hell of a long time to get through. I need to landscape it pretty hard to get it so I can do that. I need to also clear out some leaves nearer to where they bed; I've got leaves crackling underfoot, brush blocking my vision, and branches blocking my shot in that area. I'm gonna try and clear some brush and timber in the fall, and maybe set up my clearing with a feeder to help direct the deer traffic where I think it should go.
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