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This is what I am suggesting, rather than *just* crying infringement. I'm not saying it's not an infringement, either, just saying that merely discussing utopia does not bring utopia to be.
First, "Utopia" does not exist in this world: One man's Heaven is another's Hell.

Second, discussing "Gun Control" with folks that want guns banned will only move the goal posts further toward a ban. I am done talking to unreasonable people, and will instead concentrate my efforts educating the uninformed.

The only reason I would post a comment in response to someone who in one line says he is "not for further restrictions" and then in the next refers to those on the pro-gun side who will not compromise further as extremists, is to point out to the dissonance between those two statements. Either you are unaware of the heap of restrictions we now have, that do nothing to solve the problem, Mister, or you are actively working for the other side. Good Night!
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