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Boy, are you guys in trouble.

Am I glad I live in a country without the 2a.

I only need a clean rapsheet and a reasonable interest to own and shoot my guns just for sports. And that is not a right, it's a priviledge. With very extensive backgroundchecks which are being done every year. In fact: a background check is being done before someone can join a gunclub.

We have mandatory storage in a gunsafe here.
We have homevisits by police to check the storage every year.
We basically have a waiting period of up to 18 months for a first gun.
We have a 3 year waiting period for assualt weapons.
In that time we are required to have training at least 18 times a year.
We have gunregistration of all modern fire-arms. All antique fire-arms used for sportshooting are registered.
Hence - all gunsales are to be reported to the police.

We had our mallninja. And some weird changes have been made. But I still own all of my guns. We repelled that by explaining who we are and what we as sportshooters do to keep the sport safe.

I'm sitting here and am really saddened that you only see a Right.
But at the same time a lot of you have no regards for the moral responsibility that come with owning a fire-arm. You already freak out by the mere thought of some type of mandatory storage. Don't tell me this or that, you infringe my 2a. Gunregistration? It's the first thing of them grabbing my guns.
Selling through an FFL? Get your hand out of my wallet! Training? A gun is not a car which is a for more dangerous object! Really?

If those things work in my country, they will never work in yours. So, it probably would be a great idea writing your representatives in Senate and Congres pointing out the basic necessity of your 2a. Don't change anything. Those 10,000 deaths each year will go away when we go to bed tomorrow night for it is then you start the count again and begin with 0.

Good night, America, sweet dreams.
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