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There is really too many reason's as to why so many people love the 1911. Just my reasons alone are staggering. So far I have several, and a few of them are of the "high end" production line. The trigger's alone are in a class no others can match. But still I have never owned a high end custom 1911 like a Wilson, Ed Brown, or any of the others. So it's hard to understand how a Wilson could shoot and feel any better than some of the ones I own, but from what I understand it's a very very big difference. I really really want one. I have never had the money, and still don't but I have been contemplating selling a few of my other 1911's to purchase one. I would love to have one bad, but like I have told others I always regret letting any of my pistols go, even to up-grade. So maybe some others on here can convince me to sell a few, and get one custom made Wilson or something.
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