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Originally Posted by 1stmar
Are you part of a well regulated militia?
I was for over 20 years, and I don't know that I've been released from my oath, simply retired.

However, a current reading of history leads us to ask when the last time a true citizens militia formed to protect life and property? Anyone??? Bueller???

Hurricane Katrina. 2005. Citizens in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas, faced with loss of power and unable to depend on assistance, formed citizens militias to protect property in neighborhoods. They pooled arms, set up patrol rosters, inventoried ammunition, maintained guards at entrances and roads and maintained those preparations until the civil authorities could resume critical civic functions.

That is what the militia is for, and it's the latest example I know of, where the local population came together as a militia to protect property and lives. It's a classic example of the 2nd Amendment in action, and this happened just a little over seven years ago.
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